Friday, May 28, 2010

Keepin It Together

Today, my oldest nephew, Nathan graduated from pre-school!! During the ceremony I had a hard time keeping it together. All of the memories from taking him to and from school, going on field trips, or all the class holiday parties that I went to played back in my head. I just can't believe that he's gonna be going to kindergarten and riding the bus to school a.k.a The BIG Cheese everyday!! Although, he tells us that he's not gonna go to kindergarten next year unless all his friends can go too. Nathan surprises me everyday with all the knowledge that he's learned over the past 3 years from going to pre-school. I gotta say a lot of it is to the credit of his AMAZING teachers. Nathan has fallen in love with both of those ladies and they too fell in love with him.

So in honor of Nathan graduating today, I though I would post a few photos that I took during the ceremony.

Girls will be girls :)

This is his little friend Gunner, isn't he a cutie!?!?

Saving the best for last!! Nathan Charles Faires!!! Woooooo

The happy Faires family.

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Anonymous said...

Love these Allie - As always you did a great job! So glad I got to see our cutie with his "cap" on - and this time, it wasn't a John Deere one! Love them and him!
The Other Aunt... "Tracy"